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Adult Drivers Education

Take our adult driver ed course at our Lafayette driving school. Louisiana law requires that anyone 18 years old or older and have never had a driver's license to take a 14-Hour Pre-Licensing Course. Register for adult driving classes today! 



  • 8 Hr Behind the Wheel Only

    This is for Behind the Wheel only.  You musht have a Learners Permit, or have completed a 14 Hr or 30 Hr classroom to register for this package.

  • 14 Hr Adult Pre-Licensing Course

    • 6-Hours of Classroom (one-day class)
    • 8-Hours of Behind-the-Wheel Driving Instruction (4 lessons, 2 hours each)

14 Hr Pre-Licensing Adult Classroom


Jul 27
9:00 am
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You will need a Temporary Instruction Permit to attend this course. If a deposit is not paid within 4 days, your registration will be deleted. Full payment must be received before class day. THE ROADSKILLS DRIVING TEST IS NOT INCLUDED IN THIS COURSE. This class is 6 hrs of classroom, OMV Knowledge Exam, and 8 Hrs Behind The Wheel training.