Helpful Links

A FREE Practice Written Knowledge Driving Test

On the final day of classroom instruction, the student will take a 40-question, multiple choice, Written Driving Knowledge Test. The student may miss up to 8 questions and must pass with 80% accuracy.

This FREE Practice Test is most beneficial in helping the student prepare for the Written Driving Knowledge Test. It will allow the student to know whether or not he/she has gained the necessary knowledge druring the classroom portion of driver's education to pass the Written Knowledge Test

DWI's and LA Laws (Full Version)

A 30-minute video of helpful facts and questions about DWI's and laws in Louisiana, filmed in Baton Rouge

DWI's and LA Laws (Short Version)

A 15-minute video of helpful facts and questions about DWI's and laws in Louisiana, filmed in Baton Rouge

Drowsy Driving

Information about the dangers of drowsy driving and how to prevent it

Everybody Hurts

A TAC commercial warning against drinking and driving

Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles

The official website of the State of Louisiana's Office of Motor Vehicles

OMV Practice Test

A completely free practice test to assess your knowledge

Ten Habits=Zero Crashes

Good habits all beginning drivers should form in order to become safer drivers

The Official Distracted Driving Handbook

Texting while driving, or distracted driving, has become a recent but serious problem facing many young drivers. Older generations also struggle with keeping their phones dark, silent and out of sight on the daily commute. It doesn't matter if you've been driving for two years or 20 - taking your eyes away from the road ahead and giving your focus elsewhere is dangerous and often life-threatening.

What Do You Do If You're Stopped by the Police?

A video produced by the Lake Charles Police Dept. to educate drivers on what to do if and when stopped by the police

What Happens When a Trailer's Weight is Loaded Wrong?

This video demonstration about how to distribute weight properly in a trailer shows how important this safety tip is!


Printable Forms


The Louisiana Driver's Guide to be used in class every day by students under 18 enrolled in the 38-hour driver's education course

Payment Form

Print this form and mail it, along with your check or money order for full or partial payment of the course in which you have enrolled.